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How Bhai Dooj is Celebrated Throughout in India?

Bhai dooj is one of the most prominent festivals in India celebrated for brother and sister. On this day, sisters pray for their brother’s healthy and prosperous life. Bhai dooj tika ceremony is one of the important parts of this festival. Sisters perform this ritual with great zeal and excitement. This festival is celebrated on the 2nd day after Diwali in every parts of India. However, different states have their own way of celebrating this festival, but the emotion behind the festivity always remains the same.   

This festival is also celebrated in abroad by the Indian population residing there. It’s just like a Raksha Bandhan that is celebrated across boundaries to strengthen the relation between brother and sister. Bhai dooj gifts also play a significant role in maintaining the charm of this festival. The long-established ritual of exchanging gifts between brother and sister is followed everywhere from local shops to online portals. Now, you can also send gifts online ( https://www.giftalove.com/ ) to your beloved brother and sister in short interval of time. 

But, before choosing gifts for each other, it’s important for you both to know about the different ways to celebrate this festival in different parts of India. So, for your ease, below are some of the prominent parts of India with their unique ways of celebrating Bhai dooj. Kindly read this:

Bhai dooj in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
In Uttar Pradesh, the tradition of celebrating Bhai dooj is simple. The ritual includes sisters applying Bhai dooj tikka on their brother’s forehead and brother offering gifts in return. While, in state like Bihar, this festival has unique way of celebration. Here, sisters cruse and abuse their brothers in order to protect him with all the wrong deeds and evil eyes. After doing so, they punish themselves by eating a thorny wild fruits. The rituals also include brother eating bajri grain from his sister’s hand. 

Bhai Phota in West Bengal
In west Bengal, this festival is widely known as Bhai photo celebrated on the first and second day of kaali puja. On this day, sister observes fast for their brother until she applies a tilak on her brother’s forehead and prays for his long, healthy and prosperous life. After that, she offers various fruits and sweets to her brother and brother give return gift to his sister. Here Bhai Phota means Bhai tikka. 

Bhai Bij in Maharashtra and Goa
This festival is popular by the name of Bhai Bij amongst the Marathis. According to ritual, brothers sit in a special square-shaped box made by sister on the floor. This box is drawn for protecting brothers from evil desires. Before sitting in the box, brothers have to eat a bitter fruit called karith. It is said that before going to kill demons, lord Krishna eat this fruit. The main bring part of this festival is the delicious ‘Basundi Puri’, which is known as a prominent sweet of Bhai dooj festival. In some parts of Maharashtra, this festival is also dedicated for single sisters who don’t have any brother and instead of worshipping brother, they have to worship moon by applying mehandi on their hands. 

Bhai Dooj Tika in Nepal
In Nepal, Bhai dooj is named as a Bhai tika. It’s the second most festival celebrated in Nepal after Vijay dashmi. On this day, sister applies tika on her brother’s forehead and offer aarti, sweets and gifts to him. After performing these rituals, sister prays for her brother healthy and prosperous life. Basically this festival is Indian festival, but due to the large Indian population living in Nepal, this festival is also becoming popular in this neighbour country. 

So, with this discussion, now you might have understood the different ways to celebrate Bhai dooj in India. This festival is always set to bring love, warmth and dedication in the relation of brother and sister. To make this festive season more awesome with mind blowing Bhai dooj gifts ( https://www.giftalove.com/bhaidooj ), you can log on to bhaidooj.giftalove.com, one of the well-known portals that offer the best quality of Bhai dooj gifts like Bhai dooj thali and Bhai dooj gift hampers and gift combos at suitable price. This portal also provides the facility of free shipping delivery service. 

Monday, 16 October 2017

Express your Love and Affection with these Bhai Dooj Gifts

Beside Rakhi festival, Bhai dooj is one of the most important festivals that come every year on the 2nd day after Diwali festival. This particular festival is dedicated to the relation of brother and sister and celebrated all over India with great zeal and excitement. This year Bhai Dooj is going to be celebrated on 21st of October and every brother and sister are all set to make this day a memorable moment of their life. Gifts play a really important role in making this festive occasion full of love and delight. On this day, both brother and sister exchange gifts with each other. These gifts stand as a token of love for both of them and that makes them to go for the best gift ideas from the plethora of gift ideas for Bhai Dooj. 

Following this tradition, there are many online gifting portals that offer the best quality of Bhai dooj gifts like Bhai dooj hamper, Bhai dooj combo and so on. So, now you don’t have to move from one shop to another for Bhai dooj shopping. Instead of stressing your mind, you can buy Bhai dooj gifts online from any reliable portals in just a single click. With plenty of gift ideas for Bhai dooj, it’s very obvious that you may find difficulties in choosing the perfect gift for your brother and sister. So, below are some gift ideas that will never fail in adorning this day in the most perfect way. Let’s find have a look at all of these Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas:

For Brothers:
Gadgets: Who doesn’t love gadgets? Especially men are really crazy for gadgets like mobile phone, I-pad, laptop, Home speaker, and so on. So, on this Bhai dooj, send any of these gadgets to your brother and make this festival memorable for him. 

Accessories: Accessories like watch, goggles, and phone cases are the perfect gift for all types of brother. I am pretty much sure that these types of thoughtful and useful gifts can adorn this festival in the most beautiful way for your brother. 

Apparels: Apparels are the perfect gift for any festive occasion. On this Bhai dooj, give the most suitable apparel to your brother and make him feel blessed to have a sister like you. Believe me nothing can make him happy more than apparels. 

Travel Bag Pack: If your brother is the one who love travelling more than anything else, a travel bag pack is the most suitable option for him. I am sure he will be going to love this Bhai dooj gift. You can also buy these gifts online.

Grooming-Kit: Some boys love to be well-groomed. If your brother is one of them, he will truly love this type of gift. Choose a grooming-kit that contains beard gel and cream, face cream, hair gel, and towel.  

For Sister:
Clutches: Clutches are the most useful gift for sisters. On this Bhai dooj, give some delightful feeling to your sister by gifting a beautiful set of clutches to her. Make sure to buy the clutches according to her dress. 

Jewelry: This is one of the best gift ideas for Bhai dooj. Your sister will definitely love to wear beautiful jewelries like bangles, necklace, earrings and so on. Buy these jewelries online and make your sister happy. 

Apparel: For your sister who loves to wear beautiful and designer dresses, nothing can make her happier than a designer festive dress. I am sure she will definitely love this gift idea. If you don’t know her choice, then take your sister with you for shopping.  

Flower with Chocolate: If your sister is the one who love cute and little things, this beautiful combo of beautiful flower with delicious chocolate can make her feel really blessed to have you. You can buy this beautiful combo online. 

Make-up Kit: Your fashionable sister will definitely love this type of gift. Buy a branded make-up kit that contains eye liner, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, and kajal and send it to your sister. I am sure your sister never expects this kind of Bhai dooj gift from you.

So, these are some of the perfect gifts for Bhai dooj you can easily find online. Make this festival a way more beautiful with these gifts. Sending these gifts to your beloved brother and sister will not only give utmost happiness to them, but will also strengthens their bond in the best possible way. To buy Bhai dooj gifts online, kindly give a click on bhaidooj.giftalove.com, one of the renowned online gifting portals that offer the wide range of Bhai Dooj gifts at the most favorable price. Here, you can also get the facility of same day and express delivery services on each product. 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

5 Bhai Dooj Gifts Perfect for Every Brother and Sister

India is the land of custom and tradition. All the festivals are an integral part of its culture. Bhai dooj is also one of the festivals, which falls on the second day after Diwali puja. The main significance of this awaited festival is to strengthen the bond between brother and sister. On this auspicious day, sisters offer their brothers with delicious meal. As per tradition, sisters have to make a square with flowers and brothers have to enter into that square after eating bitter fruit. Carrying this tradition in style, sisters decorate Bhai dooj Pooja thali with sweets, flowers, Diya and Tika.  

This festival of brother and sister is continuously gaining popularity everywhere, whether it’s a local shops and online portals. Nowadays, we can see special Bhai dooj gifts on various gifting portals and shops. Various renowned portals also provide the facility to send Bhai dooj gifts to India as well as overseas, as presenting gifts to one another are one of the important parts of this day. Few days before this festival, sisters and brothers start searching perfect gifts for each other. It’s obvious that you may find some difficulties while purchasing gifts, as different people have different choices. 

But, there are also some gifts that can be tagged as evergreen and perfect for both brother and sisters. So below are some of evergreen gifts that will be surely loved by you. Kindly go through it:

Wrist Watch: This is one of the much appreciated gifts for the occasion of Bhai dooj. Whether it’s a brother or sister, everyone wants to wear the best ever collection of watches on their wrist. You can easily find it online in wide varieties and suitable range.  

Bhai Dooj Pooja Thali Hampers: This type of gifts are very traditional and adds an auspicious and delightful touch to the festival. It’s an excellent gifts option for both brother and sister and is perfect for this occasion. An appealing Bhai dooj Pooja Thali will surely match the aura of this festival. 

Dry Fruits and Sweet Hamper: If your brother or sister is foodie, he or she will definitely love to get such gifts, as nothing can be more perfect than this sweet and delicious present. It’s one of the traditional gifts perfect for every auspicious day such as Diwali, Raksha Bandhan and Bhai dooj.

Flowers and Chocolates: This is one of the perfect combinations of gift your brother or sister surely love to receive. Rather than giving materialistic gifts, try to give such sweet and cute gifts to your beloved siblings so that they know how much you love him or her.https://www.giftalove.com/flowers-with-chocolates
Gift hampers for Bhaiya and Bhabhi: To build up strong family bond, it is essential to treat everyone equally. So why not start this good step with this festival. Buy a sensible and thoughtful hamper for both your Bhaiya and Bhabhi. Your Bhabhi will surely appreciate this cute effort of yours. 

So, these are some of the gifts that can be given to both brothers and sisters. You can make your brothers and sisters super happy by offering these gifts as a token of love. He or she will definitely love to take such a sweet present from you. To send more varieties of Bhai dooj gifts to India as well as abroad, kindly log on to Giftalove.com, a well-known online gifting portal for all types of occasional gifts whether it’s a Bhai dooj gifts, Diwali gifts or Raksha Bandhan gifts. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Gladden Your Caring Brother with Splendid Bhai Dooj Gifts

India is a land of festivals and autumn is a period of year when a number of Indian festivals such as Navratri, Durga Pooja, Dussehra, Karwa Chauth, Diwali, and Bhai Dooj etc occur.     Festivals help to preserve our traditions, customs, and culture. They also make our forthcoming generation familiar with our roots and cultural heritage. 

Bhai Dooj is an Indian festival that can only be rivaled by Raksha Bandhan festival as these both festivals are devoted to most innocent and the Nobel bond shared between a brother and sister. The festival takes place two days after the celebration of Diwali fest. It is celebrated on second day of new moon in Kartika (month of Hindu calendar).

On this day, sisters invite their brother for meal and before this feast they apply vermillion tilak on brothers’ forehead, treat them with sweets and pray for their longevity and well-being. In return, brothers adore their sisters with attractive gifts. As per myths, the festival had been started when Yamuna (Daughter of Son) invited her brother (The God of Death) for a feast and welcomed him by applying vermillion tilak on his forehead. Yamraj became so pleased with such gesture of Yamuna and announced that brother, who would get vermillion tilak from his sister on this day, will live a long life. Since then this festival is celebrated two days after Diwali celebration all across India and overseas too.

The festival is celebrated all over India with much passion and zeal. Sisters, who are residing away from their brothers, use to send online Bhai Dooj Gifts for Brother as these days a number of online stores are offering Bhai Dooj gifts and additionally they cater facility to send these gifts intended for Bhai Dooj fest to the different part of India and overseas places. Bhaidooj.giftalove.com is an e-commerce setup that is exclusively designed for online shopping for Bhai Dooj festival. Following are some top Bhai Dooj gifts for brother offered by the portal as:

Bhai Dooj Tikka:-
Bhai Dooj tikka is one of the most significant aspects of Bhai Dooj festival as sisters apply vermillion tikka on their brothers’ forehead and it is an essential ritual of Bhai Dooj fest. Concerning this, the portal as come up with a wide range of Bhai Dooj tikka and these Bhai Dooj tikka can be delivered any where across the world.

Bhai Dooj Combo:-
In order to cheer up brothers on this auspicious occasion, portal has introduced various Bhai Dooj combos such as Sweetest Combo for Bro, Delightful Choco Dry fruits Combo, Bhai Dooj assorted mix bites, Bhai Dooj diya with Meetha Bhi Namkeen Bhi, Bhai Dooj Manpasad Hamper, Sweet & Spicy  Hamper and a lot more combos.

Bhai Dooj Gift Hamper:-
The portal has combined various gifts to make hampers intended for cheering up brother on Bhai Dooj festival. Gifts such as chocolates, flowers, dry fruits, Sweets for Bhai Dooj, mugs, cards, cakes, goodies, lucky plants, perfumes, accessories etc have been combined to prepared numerous Bhai Dooj gift hamper.

Bhai Dooj Special Gifts:- 
Bhai Dooj is the just right occasion to convey your affection, love and care to your brother. It is the festival of sweets, chocolates, gifts and lots of fun. This auspicious yet delightful day brings a lot of fun and frolic and comprises rituals such tilak ceremony by sister, treat of sweets, and exchange of gifts that fill festive environment with cheerfulness and lovable memories.

If you wish to avail gifts from above mentioned list or wish to explore more, then log in to GiftaLove. It is a dedicated online gift store for Bhai Dooj fest. On the portal people would find Bhai Dooj Tikka, Bhai Dooj Pooja Thali, Bhai Dooj Gifts for brother, Bhai Dooj Gifts for Sister, Bhai Dooj combo, Bhai Dooj special gifts, Bhai Dooj sweets, chocolates, flowers, cakes and lot more things associated with Bhai Dooj festival. Additionally, it caters people with online delivery of these products all across India and different overseas places as well.